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In 1979 we started doing murals commercially, growing to be the largest mural/design/painting firm for schools in the state of Washington. Our experience in designing hundreds of murals helped when we were asked to paint our first water tower in 1986. From simple silhouette tree designs through detailed forest scenes, we design tanks to blend in with the surrounding area. When the tanks are stand-alone, we create works of art. We have done over 60 tanks to date, as large as 10 million gallons. We employ artists that paint the tanks, and they create most of the artwork while on site, allowing us to work fast while creating great designs. Featured in AWWA Mainstream magazine, American Profile, Costco Connection magazine, numerous newspapers, and as the two-time winner of the "Tank of the Year" award. Engineers make great tanks; but when tanks are too visible, we can make them blend into the surrounding environment.
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